Monday, March 21, 2011

Mambo Italiano #2 - Or, By the Dawn's Early Light.....

Technically, with that subtitle, they should be US troops of the War of 1812 , but more on that anon. It refers to the time of day as it was very early, and I had a lot of other things to do before heading off to Quinny's (Stay tuned for the AAR).

The Chasseurs of the Italian Royal Guard are completed. As you can probably see, they're not as nice as the Zvezda figures, but they'll do. The head conversions turned out well, and they all scrubbed up well with the Army Painter (I was going to say clean, but that's not the look I was going for!)

My next book review will be on the War of 1812, hence the reference at the beginning. It's a fair remove from my usual fare of Peninsula and Napoleonic reading, but I'll be returning to more familiar ground with Dominic Lieven's Russia Against Napoleon, as requested by Jim. I read it a while ago, but didn't quite finish; I can't remember why now. By memory it was a very interesting read, but I'll re-read it and be able to give a more thorough review later.
Chasseurs in attack column. Flag by Napflags
Column form the right. A better view of the 'action' figures leading the column
In line
From the left, again showing the charging/firing figures.
Command figures. Both officers have head conversions
'Action ' figures
Fifer, NCO and march attack figures
Latest project; Chasseurs of the Velites of the Guard.


  1. They look great Rosbif,
    How do you do your head conversions in Plastic? Do you drill and pin them? Smart unit. Will be interesting to see how they got on in their 1st encounter.

  2. Thanks Paul.
    Yes, my head conversions are as simple as that; drill and pin.
    I'm looking forward to using them, too, although we're embarking on a Peninsula-based campaign at the club soon, so it might be a while before they see their first action!

  3. I commissioned some Neapolitans the other day - I doubt they'd stand up to your lads. Rather dressy uniforms though.

  4. Conrad - They wouldn't be those lovely Neapolitans sculpted by Francesco at Franznap, would they? I'd love to see them once you've got them in your clutches!


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