Friday, March 11, 2011

Broken ground terrain

In my continuing quest to clutter up my gaming table-top, I've made myself a couple of patches of broken ground to block cavalry and formed units. Perfect terrain for lurking skirmishers or guerrilla types!

I used up some of the last bits of the versatile thin corkboard, torn up into rough shapes as the footprint for the broken ground and added a couple of generous dollops of timber putty, smoothed down with a craft stick and some water (which makes shaping the putty easier) into a couple of  low hillocks. Some rocks and pebbles from the garden were added and the whole lot left to dry overnight.

Next day, the putty had dried, but turned out a lot blonder than it was when wet. I then painted over the putty, carefully avoiding the stones. After the paint dried, I painted on the PVA glue and gave them a light dusting of Woodland Scenics burnt grass flocking, added a clump or two of foliage and added a couple of twigs from the garden which do a good job as fallen timber.

Putty in my hands (Mwah-ha-ha!)
The larger patch of ground with putty and stones.
The 2nd piece with a large chunk of concrete masquerading as granite.
1st piece flocked (PVA still wet)
2nd piece flocked
1st piece with added twigs (sorry about the lighting)

1 comment:

  1. Waiting to see these guerrillas behind the cover, firing the dismounted dragoons !


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