Thursday, July 8, 2010

TODAY, I have MOSTLY been painting.....dead 'uns

With that weak reference to the Fast Show out of the way, here is what's on the workbench at the moment.

I've started on my l'hommes mort Francais and actually based the first one. I'll probably paint it with Army Painter as well, but this one is just a prototype so far, to see how it looks painted and based. They're ugly little critters, with none of the finesse of the 'living' figures (so much so that I replaced the head of the officer figure), but as they're supposed to be only morale markers it doesn't really matter.

Here's also 3 of the Spaniards I painted last week down the coast, which I also haven't dipped or based yet and I probably won't finish the unit until after I've completed my riflemen. I'm also trying to work out how to incorporate an officer/colour bearer into this unit without introducing another make of figure into the bunch, as they are of a fairly stylised (putting it politely) sculpt that other figures may not blend with so well.

Lastly, here's the 5/60th NCO figure I painted at the same time as my 95th Rifles. He's been dipped, but not yet matt varnished or based. Once I've finished experimenting with my dead Frenchers, I'll go back and finish this unit.

This weekend I'll be involved in the ongoing campaign, standing in for Robin who can't make it, but is involved in a battle. I hope I don't completely bollix it up, but if I do, meh..It's not my army. Only kidding, Robin! ;-) (Note to self; BRING THE CAMERA)


  1. Hi Rosbif
    A great discovery your blog! 1/72 is a great scale, cheap and full of details
    Best regards from Spain

  2. Thanks Rafa,

    I'm pleased you like it!


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