Thursday, July 22, 2010

El vinedo

Here's the latest on my vineyard project.

The individual rows weren't stable enough, so I've attached them to a larger piece of corkboard with the left-over putty from my road building project. I think it works quite well as it builds up the rows into a more earthy obstacle. I've left enough room for figures to fit in between the rows as shown below. Once the putty is fully dry, I'll dry brush it to add further texture, and then flock the base. My vines look a bit mangy as I knocked a lot of the flock off in the process of securing the rows. I'll refoliate them once I've finished everything else. In future, I'll leave that to the very end.

The vineyard

Lone Frenchman skulking in the vines

I've received my latest order of Kennington Portu-geezers and French command figures from MBM Models in the Netherlands. I prefer ordering from them, rather than SHQ, as the exchange rate (Aussie dollars) works out cheaper to buy in Euros rather than Pounds sterling at the moment, as well as the fact that MBM has a bigger range and also has pictures on their catalogue. However, I was sent a pack of Prussian infantry instead of a second lot of French command figures and am still waiting to hear back from them to organise a swap.

PS. Aaaargh!!! I just stuffed up my flag counter and blew away all my stats! I'd just broken 1500 visits and my latest visitor was from Argentina.

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