Tuesday, September 30, 2014

These are a Few of My Favourite Things...

This is a picture La Petite Rosbif #1 made for me for my recent birthday using her mad photoshop skills. Ain't it purty? Isn't she clever?

You can see HMS Brangelina about to be cast on a lee shore attacked by the giant purple lightning shooting sea-monster (otherwise known as the family cat) while Daryl Dixon, from The Walking Dead, negotiates the rocky shore on Merle's chopper, and the TARDIS buzzes overhead.

Poor mog looks disgruntled rather than angry!


  1. Happy birthday, and great work there by your daughter! What a nice homage.

  2. Excellent!!! I didn't spot Mr Dixon at first!!!

  3. Aww...That's great! And happy bday!


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