Thursday, September 11, 2014

Armee des Königreichs Württemberg

While I've got my Peninsular British forces under control, and my Royal Navy project is still in its infancy, and will take a long time to develop, I need another project to get my teeth into.

I had toyed with the idea of expanding my Spanish forces or even starting a Neapolitan army (yes, Neapolitan!), but decided that I have enough bad luck on the table-top without courting disaster! As I have the lovely Franznap Neapolitan Velites of the Guard generously provided by Francesco as a freebie with a previous purchase, I still have plans to eventually paint an 1815 Neapolitan army based on the OB from the Battle of Tolentino, Murat's last hurrah.

What I have settled on, though, is my long delayed Württemberg project! They are a nice self contained small contingent of effective troops which are able to hold their own on the battlefield. I have had the requisite figures for an all-arms brigade for quite a while, but other projects have always taken precedent. Now is the time to set the ball rolling for the Württembergers, including infantry, rifles, artillery and cavalry.

The figures (as always!) will be 1/72nd scale HaT figures from the 3 sets infantry, artillery and cavalry:

Clicking on the pictures will take you to PSR reviews of each set

 At this stage, I'm thinking of creating a force based in part on the 1809 order of battle


  1. They're pretty decent mini's I'd like to see what you'll do with them ;-)

  2. I agree, these are very nice looking figures and I'm also looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

  3. Look forward to seeing you build your formidable Wurttemburgers. Don't forget to include some rifle armed jaeger (all recruited from the Schwartzewald) - practised in potting Russian and Austrian officers at a distance! HaT are producing a good range of them - even some in 1/32 - 28mm I believe. Its one of my 'must do' projects too - once I've finished my Bavarians now that Perrys are doing a range of them. Wurttemburgers have a reputation amongst the Germans for being tough bastards always up for a fight (according to a mate of mine from Stuttgart!) - making some of the best soldiers amongst Napoleon's German allies. Remember Rommel was a Wurttemburger too! Your conversion work on your salty tars was great so I'm keen to see what you'll do with the HaT Wurttemburgers.

  4. Ah yes Rosbif, looking forward to these. Have a mind to do wurtembergers myself at some point.


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