Monday, August 4, 2014

NWA Games 2014

Games 2014

Another year has gone past very quickly: can it really be a year since our club's 2013 Open Day? Sadly, the answer is yes! But, happily, that means more wonderful display games to watch in amazement! Here's a selection

Darren and the Napoleonics fellas put on a game featuring part of the Austerlitz battlefield. After next year's Waterloo, the complete Austerlitz battlefield is going to be our 2016 game! Darren's figures here represent the first steps towards the goal of the complete order of battle of Auterlitz! His French figures are mainly Eureka and his Russians are mainly Elite.

I didn't hana around for the conclusion to this game, but when I left, the French were gearing up for a counter-attack on the village buildings held by the Russians.

Here are some of the other historical stand-outs :

ACW The Battle of Olustee1864 - Regimental Fire and Fury 15mm

7YW Battle of Lobositz 1756 - Beneath the Lily Banners 28mm

WWII Arnhem 1944 - 15mm Sorry, didn't catch the rules used.

As I had the family in tow, I didn't feel I could spend too much time taking photos and participating as I'd already cashed in a lot of goodwill actually getting them this far in the first place! There were plenty of other games, including Weird WWII, Supeheroes, 40K and a fun looking skirmish game set in the Russian Civil War with the survival of the Romanovs the ultimate prize.


  1. Some cracking looking games there and jolly brave to take the tribe too!

  2. I'm guessing the WW2 rules are Crossfire?

    Great post for your club's open day.

  3. A good initiative.
    Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures.
    Excellent work.

  4. Lots of good looking games. I particularly like the figure of Lasalle leading the charge in the Napoleonic game.

  5. A marvellous array of games there. Congratulations to all of the NWA members. I especially loved Darren's Cossack commander; THAT's what you call a beard!


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