Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lieutenant "Leaping" Larry Lightfoot

Here's the figure I'll be using as my second officer for my ship's crew. He'll lead the boarding/landing party or "away team" in Star Trek parlance (does that mean that the marines are the ones to die as they're always wearing the red shirts?). He's keen to get stuck in, leading from the front, waving his sword and brandishing his pistol. His men appreciate his sharing the dangers of close order combat and know he'll be one of the first over the side, hence his nickname!

He started life as an Esci 1805 Prussian officer. While the uniform isn't really the same as that of a RN Lieutenant, I'll do a little paint conversion as per the plates below. The double breasted coat works, and I'll suggest the cut of the coat with white piping. 

I decapitated the original head and replaced it with a head from the HaT Peninsula British Command set (minus the plume) and replaced his left hand with one holding a pistol from the HaT British Marines and Sailors set. The hand is just glued on while the head is pinned and glued. Hopefully the hand stays glued, as the figure's wrist is too slim to attempt drilling and pinning. I'm hoping the glue plus a couple of layers of paint will suffice in keeping the hand attached for the time being, or at least until the end of September!

My conversion
Original figure
(Image courtesy of PSR

Royal Navy uniforms and pennants
(Image from The Lordz Forum Original source not credited.)
Image from Osprey Elite series no.48 Nelson's Navy (Haythornthwaite & Younghusband) via Toy Soldier Forums


  1. That's some nice slipping there Sir. "There's Frenchies on the Starboard Cap'n".

  2. Top conversion Ben. I especially like the pistol.
    Did you use plastic glue or merely PVA? Of recent times I have taken to using glue only and PVA for everything. I put a coat on each surface, let it dry somewhat and then recoat before joining. It holds really well in over 90% of cases, with a second coat and perhaps some 'painting' of a layer of PVA over the join in the cases that do not.


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