Friday, April 11, 2014

My Hovercraft is Full of Eels - Part 2

In the second week running I maanged to make it to the club. Huzzah!

As it was the club sales night, I suggested a scenario with a reduced points list for everyone so that we could get a game in after perusing the wares on offer. I picked up a Roman style church from Garry for my Comitatus project after telling myself I wouldn't buy anything!

The scenario I came up with was a simple King of the Hill style of game: The Anglo-Allies had to prevent the French from taking the ridge line in order to protect the strategic road. If the French could force the allies off the ridge and set up their artillery, then they win; If the allies prevent the French from gaining the ridge, then the allies win; If the ridge is still in dispute, then it's a draw.

The players were the same as the previous week, with the only change being Vana in place of Paul. Again I paternered Pete with his Brunswickers and faced John R. with his Poles. Vana borrowed some of my French troops for the night, while John fielded the same Polish 12lb guns and infantry with slightly less cavalry than the previous game.

On my side of the board, my lesson learned from the previous week was to avoid the 12lb guns at all costs, and, if possible, to take them out early in the game. As a consequence, I stuck most of my infantry in the woods out of range of the guns, while my cavalry were to run interference with John's approaches.

My deployment closest to camera

The artillery was on the hills, while the infantry and cavalry awaited the enemy's approach

The general provides inspiration while planning his next move

The caalry moves up in line forward of the ridge, while the infantry moves into the woods

Reserves wait for the counter-attack, if required.

The highlanders form the extreme rightof the line, linking up with Pete's Brunswickers

On come the Poles!

Now, here comes my master-stroke (I can say that because it worked spectacularly; if it had failed it would have been a foolhardy wate of cavalry!).
Jon's infantry advanced in l'ordre mixte while the battalion to the left was ging to march up in closed column to fire on my cavalry. L:ike last game I decided to take the opportunity charge to stop him in a draw at best.

What I hadn't factored in was that I'd hit the anchored line first! I should have been repulsed with losses, but in the pre-melee, John rolled abysmally...

...which meant his right hand anchoring column and the line panicked and ran, and the nearest battery was over-run!

Finally, the object of my charge were contacted and with the numbers of friendly troops running and my following up a victory, they couldn't withstand the mighty British cavalry either!
Huzzah! Death or Glory, boys!

A close range dose of 12lb canister sent them back to where they started from next turn, though. Still, it put a dent in John's plans for quite a few turns and gave me the breathing space I needed!

My Rifles peppered the remaining Polish front-line, disordering them as they advanced.

My heroic light dragoons take a breather behind the horse gun battery. cheered on by the cavalry general.

The Polish infantry remorselessly advance, under fire from the riflemen every step of the way

My other light dragoon regiment protect the riflemen's flank, facing John's cuirrassiers. The general had moved to where he looked to be needed next, attaching himself to the regiment

Not a moment too soonm as the cuirassiers charged! I felt relatively confident as there's not too much difference in factors between British cavalry and French/Polish cuirassiers, so I met them in a counter-charge.

It doesn't help when you roll a 1 in the melee, though!

Run away!Obviously, John rolled better than one...

...and won a smashing victory!

The Buffs enter the woods on the hill
As John's infantry advanced, I tried to envelop his flank approach, without exposing mine too much.

His remaining 12lb battery was chipping away at the cavalry, which I was hoping to keep as a deterrent to his infantry, but they were melting like snow under his artillery's tender mercies.

My now cavalry-less right flank was also looking like a target for attack, especially the battery on the hill.

On the other flank, Vana was preparing a brigade chage on Pete's line
On their far flank, their cavalry clashed...

...without a conclusive result. 

Pete's infantry closed column then blocked any further cavalry action. Shortly after this, Vana put his infantry charge in, resulting in a Pyrrhic victory to Pete, but that was enough for Vana to throw in the towel and admit defeat. Huzzah!

Things begin to look grim on my flank as John's previously repulsed infantry have regrouped and advance, threatening to outflank me! My cavalry have finally been forced off the hill by artillery fire, as well.

John approaches the hill, with the riflemen peppering their every move

In the centre, John's hussars charge a formation of Brunswick infantry on Pete's far left. Even fire from my artillery doesn't slow them down!

Meanwhile, my artillery has probelmes of its own. A Polish infantry column approaches, entering dead ground just on the opportunity fire range, meaning I have no chance of opening fire as they advance.

My previously routed cavalry rally.

With the end of the night approaching and the fact that Vana had been repulsed, the game was ended with a British / Brunswick victory. It would have been interesting if we'd had time to bring John's attack to fruition. With my flanks under threat, it would have been interesting, though I still had reserves available on either flank. I think my very lucky cavalry charge at the beginning saved my bacon, as John could have developed his attack a lot earlier if I hadn't mauled that wing so early on.

I think I'd like to play this again on a Saturday with more points and play it through to a defintie conclusion. It was a lot of fun (especially when my suicidal cavalry charge came good!) and could result in some bloody clashes, if the infantry could ever get to grips.


  1. That fine line between bravery and foolhardiness! What a cracking game with see-sawing action throughout.

  2. Nice report, hard fight looking!

  3. Always is a wise option, to stay far away from the enemy guns!


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