Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2nd Division Vittoria 1813 - Portuguese and British Infantry cont.

After faffing around with cavalry, it's time to finish my stalled British Peninsular War project. I currently have two and a bit brigades of infantry from Daddy Hill's 2nd Division from the Vittoria OB. I have to paint two more Portuguese battalions and 3 more British regiments; 
  • 2/6th Portuguese Regiment (red cuffs, dark blue collar)
  • 2/18th Portuguese Regiment (light blue cuffs, dark blue collar)
  • 1st Provisional Battalion (2/31st & 2/66th) (buff and yellow-green, respectively)
  • 1/57th Foot Regiment (pale yellow)
  • 1/39th Foot Regiment (pea green)
Facing information from Napoleonguide

24th Regiment (similar facings as 18th, except dark blue collar) 
Following images from of Queen's Royal Surreys
Grenadier 2/31st

Centre Company infantryman in forage cap 2/31st

(l to r) Grenadier and Centre Company Officers 2/31st

The provisional battalion will feature the uniforms from both battalions and, as it is a provisional unit of two 2nd battalions, will not feature flags. I'll also probably have to rate them lower than a full 1st battalion to reflect the lower cohesion of mixing two battalions together. Ordinarily, a 2nd battalion is rated lower than a 1st battalion in our rules, but as both fought tenaciously with distinction at Albuera and were decimated as a result, I won't be giving them a double whammy for being a provisional battalion AS WELL AS 2nd battlions. 

It was a mark of how much Wellington valued them that they weren't sent back to Britian to recruit and refit. He didn't want to lose 2 prime, experienced battalions at the expense of one full but inexperienced 1st battalion.

I'll be using the SHQ metal figures for my Portuguese (which I only found recently in my Metal Mountain & Plastic Pile after misplacing them for a while!) and the lovely HaT Peninsular War British Infantry


  1. Great blog and great reference stuff. We are watching closely because we hope to do the Peninsular after we've got the 100 days out of our system.

  2. Waiting to see the result!


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