Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Challenge Entry #4

This one was a small entry that garnered me 20 points; PSC Soviet AT rifle crew in action and on the move. I've made one of these for Jim before, so I've tried to keep to the same setup: the crew taking cover behind battlefield debris and natural cover, hiding in wait for some poor, unsuspecting Nazi armour to pass by!

So far I've painted 193 points worth in the challenge, taking me to equal 11th out of the 47 competitors, and well on the way to my target of 660 points! 


  1. Looks great, especially with the scenic basing.

  2. These are a couple of very nice stands, and particularly well thought out basing.

  3. The basing of the first stand is on the top, really impressive...and the painting style, of course, very nice!

  4. Nice figures set off with great scenic bases.


  5. I really like these figures when I saw them on Curt's page last night. I agree with these others, the basing is terrific. I also think you've done a great job getting the uniform colours right. Are these guys part of a bigger Russian project?
    Cheers and happy new year,
    Mike (aka Ronin 28)

  6. very nice MG vignette. Painting and base design is a super job.

  7. I love the basing there mate and 11th is a great place to be. At this rate you will reach your target before long.

  8. Nice work, particilarly like the stock on the shouldered anti tank rifle, has that well used but well oiled look. Looks bloody heavy as well.

  9. Very nice work indeed - I like the scenic touches on the basing. You coming to Cancon this year? If so, look for us at the Franco-Prussian War demo table.


    1. I'd love to come, but unfortunately won't be able to make it this year :-(

  10. Thanks for all your kind words, fellas. The best thing is, Jim's extremely pleased with the results, too! Now to get them finished for him by the end of 2013....


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