Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Normal blogging service will now be resumed. In the upcoming programme of posts, expect the delayed Dennewitz AAR and some more entries for the Analogue Hobbies Summer Painting Challenge.

Sorry for my absence lately. Les petite Rosbifs and I have been down at the beach with Grandpère Rosbif. While not frolicking in the surf, we were feeding the local bird life. I know that there are arguments against feeding native animals (they will become dependent on humans and forget how to forage for themselves; they become easy prey for cats and other introduced predators), but how can you resist feeding parrots that land on your own hand, or hand feeding that Australian icon, the Kookaburra?!

Crimson Rosella. Not as tame as the King Parrots, but only just! 

My daughter snapped this one just as it launched from the tree!

Sly Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo.
If your back is turned they will push the tub of bird seed off the outdoor table so that the lid bursts open and the seed spills everywhere!

Birdy num nums

Petite Rosbif #2 feeding King Parrot

Birdy num nums #2

Kookaburra with morsel
Kookaburra eating from Petite Rosbif #2's hand


  1. Wow I can understand why you have been away. PS I am longing the new background

  2. Ah, the easy life...congratulations. Both birds are beautiful, but the Kookaburra has stolen my heart!

  3. Great photos. I like them very much.

  4. Some great pics, them Kookaburra's are ugly buggers aren't they!!

  5. Those are some pretty cool birds.

  6. Absolutely stunning, just wish I could get the sparrows here at 'Awdry Towers' to do that!

  7. Wonderful pictures! I wouldn't be able to paint if I had the chance to go down to the beach and feed these fellows. As it is, you live in a tropical Garden of Eden and I'm in a frozen wasteland. Can we switch? ;-)

    What is it that a Kookaburra eats? It doesn't look like bird seed.

    1. Kookaburras are carnivores and eat lizards, insects, other birds eggs, mice etc. They are actually the world's largest kingfisher.

      We fed this one barbecued rissoles (or hamburgers) and chunks of ham. They whack their food against hard surfaces to ensure that they're dead; works well with ham, but the rissole chunks tended to disintegrate on impact!

  8. Very cool, I often wondered what a kookaburra was...
    My last such close bird encounter was with the native NZ parrot - Kaka - on Kapiti Island, darn things are very inquisitive, and it flew down and landed on my backpack as I was walking along, it then set to, trying to get inside with its not so small beak and pierced a pack of Ribena inside that then ran down my legs. Delightful! ;-)


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