Sunday, March 18, 2012

Westphalian wonderland!

Like I don't have enough projects on the go! British 2nd Corps, Italian division circa 1809, Wurttembergers, Jim's Soviets. Now I've decided to start a Westphalian project using the Italeri French figures with head conversions using the heads from HaT chasseurs. The original neckless, chinless heads looked too weird, while the conversions have the added bonus of plumes, cords and flounders.

Original figure
Conversion using HaT chasseur head
Finished Westphalian grenadier


  1. Ok, lets follow this project! You like white, don't you?

  2. Now this looks interesting; as you know I'm all up for changing projects at the drop of a hat! I shall be watching with interest.

  3. Hi
    A great Project. Westphalians are a very easy conversion and you can add to your amry another of these allies, ready to change sides!

  4. I hope all my head swaps look so good, great looking project, thanks for sharing

  5. Great conversion work, he certainly looks a lot better for it!!

  6. Guess what? I thought about just the same thing last week. :-) I love those Westphalians. Must be because I am one. ;-)

  7. Good looking finished figure. My friend Jerry and I are building the Westphalian Corps in 1812 for Volley and Bayonet. He's painting the infantry, I'm responsible for the cavalry and artillery.


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