Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wagram Command & Artillery WIP

More command figures for Wagram, this time divisional generals. To add a bit of variation, I've indulged in a bit of head swapping. The figures are from Italeri's French Imperial Command set and there's also a couple of figures from Waterloo 1815's Napoleonic Command set.

Also pictured is the first ADC mounted on his steed, ready for basing and varnishing.

Italeri figure with HaT chasseur head. This figure would probably suit a Chef de Batallion or Colonel, or at most a brigade general, but I decided on the conversion to add a little variation.

Waterloo 1815 Nassau general with Italeri head-swap to create another French general

Another Waterloo 1815 figure, again probably better suited to a regimental or brigade command

Original, unconverted, Italeri figure. Same pose as the 1st figure.

Another original, unconverted, Italeri figure.

The poor, brave, wounded ADC and his trusty steed.

My Wagram command also includes a couple of batteries of horse guns and a few more foot batteries. Below is my beginnings of the horse batteries using Italeri's French horse guns set with head conversions using Zvezda heads again.The original figures are wearing colpacks which suggests Guard artillery rather than line. I've done the head swaps to try to indicate line artillery, although they do still seem rather dandified wearing tight breeches and pelisses.


  1. Great work on these guys. The ADC is top notch.

  2. Good work. If you are looking for command figures, take a look to the Waterloo 1815 Napoleonic Command box; it's set up in the Waterloo battle but the figures are excellent

  3. I agree... a great conversion job!
    Waiting to see Wagram

  4. More top work Rosbif, the wounded ADC is my favourite, bags of character.

  5. Great stuff, and great conversions too!!!


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