Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh, the silliness starts!

In response to my last post regarding the French advantage in command and control, namely we have 4 messengers to the Austrian 1, Archduke Charles (aka John R.) sent me this response by email:

"Dear Beefy Boy,

I do like the messengers shown on your blog. My snipers will be given pictures of them for recognition. So thank you.
However, dear Froggy player. I would like to point out about our special messenger.We have 1 but he is VERY quick and uses sound communiques. See the picture attached."


I responded thus:

"Sacre bleu et zut alor, Sir!

I knew that your empire included some barely civilised specimens of humanity, especially on your eastern borders, but recruiting half-naked, blue skinned savages is quite beyond the pale!

I see no shafts for the horses to pull the very odd carriage he is standing on.  Could it perhaps be a stationary platform that is wheeled into position and then left  for the duration of battle, for the savage to send his drum messages over the heads of your army? If so, sir, consider him a prime target of our artillery!

Your servant etc.etc.

Msr.le Rosbif et Jean le Frog"

(apologies to my eastern European readers; I was not actually comparing you to Smurfs! :-D)


  1. Nothing wrong with half-naked, blue skinned savages!

    I'm sure some of my half-naked ancestors were blue skinned (especially in winters like last year!).

    Regards from Scotland

  2. I beleive Smuff communication device might have the edge

  3. Must of missed this post??? Mental!!!


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