Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Completed units; Spanish light infantry, French command and French dragoon

I've finished the Spanish light infantry battalions I'd embarked on, although after finding the book in the collection at work, I found the uniform I was thinking of was actually that of line infantry (see below). I've gone ahead and created my fictitious unit as light infantry loosely based on this uniform, anyway, as Spanish troops wore what was available at any given time, so that my unit may well have existed at one time! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Spanish line infantryman from Don Carlos de Espagne's corps c.1812. Image by Bill Younghusband from Armies of the Napoleonic Wars, Chris McNab (ed.).Osprey Publishing, 2009
The 2 units in column
Valencia Volunteer Light Infantry in line
Tarleton conversion unit in line. The illustration above shows a basic British-pattern uniform, with belts and cartridge box, but most of my chaps still have the belly-belt and I've given them white straps for contrast
Below are the French figures I've been working on recently as well. I'm rather proud of these ones as it shows my conversion skills are getting better all the time. The eagle bearer's hand works very well and the French ADC is a favourite. I nearly ruined the figures by being a bit too heavy handed with the matt anti-shine spray, but I think I've saved them. Phew!

The completed dragoon eagle bearer.

Not sure if I'll give him a flag or keep the staff bare

French command stand

My next project will be a bit of house keeping with my growing Spanish army; I've given my units too many figures and also included grenadiers as part of the ordinary line units. Spanish units in the early stages only had four companies and only the first battalion had grenadiers; 2 of grenadiers, two of fusiliers. What I'm probably going to do is make a converged grenadier battalion with 4 companies of figures in different uniforms, just as an excuse to have lots of different facing colours and droopy bags on bearskins. It won't make them fight any better, but it'll look pretty! I'm a glutton for punishment!


  1. Great painting skills Monsieur!! I do like the men in skirts, they're such an unusual unit.

  2. Very nice painting and conversions. Spanish uniforms look good. existed or not, as long as you are happy it's fine I would say.

  3. Congratulations old chap. Well done. You've actually given me an idea...

  4. Hi
    The Valencianos were a real unit and wore that skirt. They look as the today Greek ceremonial infantry.
    The guys in tarleton look very smart... A great job!

  5. Great miniatures!
    The Valencian wear the typical loose trousers from the peasants around Valencia. Is called zaragüelles


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