Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Zayas' division from Albuera

I've finally finished the batallion of the Voluntarios de la Patria, giving them the the Army Painter treatment and basing them for the club rules.

I've pictured them with the rest of the Spanish batallions I've painted, all elements of Zayas' (4th) Division from Albuera. They'll all get their baptism tomorrow when Harry comes round to have a game of Black Powder, both of us virgins to this new ruleset, so I don't think there will be a fancy scenario or anything. I'll still take some shots and write an AAR and my thoughts on the rules.

Voluntarios de la Patria  

Zayas' division from l to r, Vol. del la Patria, Waloon Guards, Reg. Toledo, Reg. Irlandais

Zayas' division


  1. Really nice Rosbif,
    Never played the Black Powder rules. Look forward to your Report.

  2. Hi Rosbif
    They look impressive!


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