Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bits n bobs

Today's post concerns the last battalion of Spaniards I'd planned to paint, the Voluntarios de la Patria. I got a gift voucher for Hearns Hobbies from Mum which allowed me to buy all 3 sets of HaT's new French light infantry, guilt-free (although Mrs Rosbif gave me a promissory note for Xmas to buy whatever books and wargaming parafenalia I required. She might live to regret that!). Anyway, the new figures were perfect for the Voluntarios. I didn't bother cutting the epaulets, content with just painting over them. The saber-briquets were left on, too, my reasoning being that the uniforms were so French, that they may well have been furnished with captured French accoutrements as well as uniforms. I think they look quite dashing! If only they fight as well as Frenchmen.

The last picture is of the modular dyke I fashioned for this weekend's Aspern-Essling clash. The Essling end is facing the camera.


  1. A great looking Spanish unit waiting to fight the "gabachos"!
    I am waiting to see your report about the Aspern-Essling battle. The terrain you have posted looks terrific


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