Monday, October 18, 2010

October WIP

This post shows what I'm up to at the moment. The first couple of pictures show the first of my British dragoons to be painted (but not based or shaded/varnished) in comparison to the HaT light dragoon and a curiassier from Warrior (which I included because it's also a metal 25mm). Looking at these figures side by side, the main difference seems to be the size of the dragoon's head; compared to the other figures, it's disproportionately large. On the plus side, the sculpting of the horse is a lot more lifelike than Warrior's sculpting. I'm still not so sure if the milliput conversions are an improvement or not.

I also tried my hand at creating hedgerows/earth banks after seeing an example on David Dormvik's blog the Sole Member of the Napoleonic Connoisseur's Society. I think they worked quite well; thanks David! I might try making another half dozen and adding a bit more eg. twigs to represent fallen logs, trees etc. to make it really look like bocage-style hedgerows.

Strips of balsa wood covered in wood putty and dry brushed with raw sienna artist's acrylic. Stones inserted into drying putty; glued where necessary.

Light flocking.

Addition of bushy foliage using generous application of PVA

Above and below; finished product being modelled by the 92nd's colour party on hill section.


  1. Another cheap 'n' cheerful way of making hedges is to cut these up in strips to the appropriate height, drybrush with something lighter-greenish and attach to a base.

    Makes perfect thick bocage or the equivalent of a suburban hedge fence line.

  2. Yes, I've got a corrugated cardboard ploughed field lined with strips of those, although I didn't drybrush. Looks a bit too well maintained, not feral enough!

  3. Monsieur le Rosbif the finish on the hedgerows looks very impressive for the Peninsula. What Sienna colours have you used? You have achieved result I am trying to achieve on some landscape in a certain shed on my property.

    I look forward to meeting your new figures in the battlefield.

  4. Hi Tim,

    It's Kaysers raw sienna dry brushed over the wood putty's natural shade, just like the roads you've seen. I must say that as I was making them I thought of the Aspern dike, too.


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