Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scale variation

My order from Irregular Miniatures arrived yesterday and while the figures themselves are well sculpted and made with virtually no flash, they are too small to appear next to my Italeri plastic light dragoons. I'll see how they go next to the Italeri/ESCI Scots Greys, which are also smaller than the light dragoons, but light and heavy cavalry are not compatible, unfortunately.

I know scale creep is a problem and that Italeri and Zvezda are the main culprits, but on the boot to eye level of measuring, the Irregular figures are more like large 15mm figures. Not happy, Jan!


  1. Hi
    Evidently these figures are clearlu no-compatible and it is a pity!
    I hope the size of our small friends would stop some day

  2. I haven't completely given up on Irregular; I've ordered some of their 25mm range instead, hoping that they'll be more compatible. I may be making the same mistake, but I'm working on the premise that they'll be slightly smaller than 25mm. Here's hoping!


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