Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cuirassiers #2

I know some of you want to see the figures and I promised to post pictures, but I think until I paint them, PSR's pictures of figures awaiting review do them more justice than my poor photography skills can ever do!


  1. The Zvezda's are really something. I notice that all the horses are at the trot or a more measured gait - not flat out gallop which so many manufacturers do, quite mistakenly, as it rarely happened in reality. I still think the best set I've seen is the Russian artillery - a mindblowing amount of equipment, figures and bits and pieces (wish someone would scale it up to 28mm!) Got a box of the Zvezda Russian Kuirassier myself and like the Guard Cossacks I got earlier, absolutely superb: 20mm plastic porn it is!


  2. Hi Doc,

    Thanks for following my blog.

    I've got the French artillery set, which is extremely detailed with all the bits and bobs as i imagine the Russian set has, too. Not having started collecting Russian stuff I can't compare, but I do like the look of the stuff on PSR, especially the charging Russian grenadiers with their shako cords flying; very dynamic!


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