Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More French troops

Some more of my French army, including more infantry and my cavalry. My artillery and command figures are still a bit too battered to warrant photography, so they can wait for another day.

HaT 1805 line infantry with some head conversions and eagle bearer conversion

More HaT conversions

Close up of eagle bearer conversion

Skirmishing voltiguers

Advancing Line troops with head conversions

Italeri hussars painted as the 5th Hussars

Elite company head conversion

Generic Chasseurs - HaT riders, Italeri horses. The HaT horses were deformed IMO.

Chasseur command figures

Italeri dragoons

Dragoon command figures

Dragoon elite company head conversion

My 25mm Warrior lead Cuirasiers thanks to John R. Slightly bigger than my plastic cavalry, but after all they were supposed to be big men on big horses. I've got the Legio plastic pack, but its fiddly assembly has put me off making many so far.

Cuirassier eagle bearer conversion

Cuirassier command figures

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