Sunday, August 9, 2015

Appeal to the Blogosphere!

Image from Perry website
The NWA Napoleonics group are organising the figures for our Austerlitz game scheduled for January 2017. With all the figures accumulated from everyone's collections and purchases of what's left over, the Austrians are fairly well covered. However, we are 6 sapper figures short for what is required. Perry Miniatures seem to be the only manufacturer which produces 28mm sappers as part of their plastic and metal ranges, but are not available as individual figures.

Rather than fork out for more complete plastic sets, or metal command figure sets, I thought I would appeal on behalf of the group to see if anyone out there has a few unwanted Austrian sappers they'd be willing to part with. I'm not sure what we would offer in exchange (pay for postage, figure swap and/or figure painting?), but I'm sure as a group we could come to some sort of arrangement.

Please contact me by the Kontactr widget under my Blogger profile if you can help.

Thanks in advance, on behalf of the NWA Napoleonics group.


  1. I don't have any Perry Austrians but you might just send the twins an email - they've helped me with a spare sprue or two in the past

  2. If you can't find others with spares, there's always the command sprues as probable cheapest option:

  3. I'll forward it to the chaps of our club. We have a couple of Austrian units there but I have no idea whether there are any spare sappeurs.


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