Thursday, June 5, 2014

Brace the T'Gallants, Splice the Yardarms and Cringe me Nurgles! Yaaarrrrr!

I've had this in my to-do pile since last October, and after seeing the fun had by the chaps at Little Wars playing Legends of the High Seas I thought it was time to start assembling her.

I'll be able to join in their shennanigans as well as adding a little colour to my own Napoleonic naval landing scenario I ran for Pirates in Septmeber last year. I'm thinking of using Capitan rules for the infantry combat, but I'm still weighing my options for the naval side of things. I'll see how the LotHS plays and if I can adapt them to my purposes, or I might invest in the Gunboat rules by Capitan made especially for these boats. I reckon I'll have to invest in another one of these boats eventually so that we can have proper naval battles and cutting out expeditions and other sorts of Hornblower-type derring-do on the table-top!

This model is supposedly for 18mm figures, but the boats also come in 28mm sizes, too. If I've piqued your interest, you can learn more here

HMS Frolic with one side of the hull painted in regulation checkerboard fashion

I've placed the lower masts and bowsprit to see how they fit. I won't start gluing them in place until I've finished painting the hull.

Even though it's designed for 18mm figures, my 1/72nd HaT figures fit perfectly!


  1. Looks like it will be a very impressive sight on the table!

  2. Ben, you unutterable swine. That's amazing and now I want one. *sigh*

    It looks so lovely.


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