Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2/18th Portuguese Line Regiment

As fun as the Saga stuff was, it's back to Napoleonics, my first true love!

This time it's the 2/18th Portuguese Line Regiment. I already have the 1/18th and the 1/6th and now just need the 2/6th to round off the brigade. The figures are by SHQ/Kennington. Not the most attractive figures, but as they are the only Portuguese figures in my chosen scale, needs must. I actually find their lumpen sculpting quite charming and their poses are a refreshing change from some of the ludicrous ones found in plastic 1/72nd figures!

The flag is from Napflags and is the divisional flag of the Northern Division. The Central and Southern Divisions had flags of white and red, respectively, for their 2nd battalions. Each regiment had distinguishing cravats tied to the finial, but I haven't gone into that much detail here.

On a post-script to the Saga project; Thanks to Red Dog and the good folk at TMP, I realise I've shortchanged myself and need to paint more figures to reach the required 4 point Saga Warband. Also, my Fyrd needs to be all spears or all missiles, not a mixture. Oh well, back to the drawing board!


  1. "Not the most attractive figures", seems a little rough on these handsomely painted chaps!

  2. great painting on these; and I actually think they look fine - maybe I'm too used to some chunky 25/28mm sculpts. Best, Dean

  3. Great paint job on these. I must say I like kennington minis. a bit large but o.k.

  4. Funnily enough I have the same figures based and waiting for paint, but can't motivate myself to start witth them...

  5. Fine fellows Ben; good painting as ever.


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