Sunday, February 9, 2014

Treading Water

Not much happening on the Rosbif front lately, Napoleonics-wise. With Borodino done and dusted I've sort of let things slide with Napoleonic painting.

Currently, I've got 3 projects I'm considering:

  • Continue with my long-delayed Italians from Piave 1809

  • Finish my long-delayed British 2nd Corps c.1812
  • or, start a Wurttemberg division c.1809

Meanwhile, I haven't been totally inactive. Some of you who have been following the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge will know that I've been busy with my late antiquity project. Those of you who haven't, feel free to pop over to my other blog, Romani in Tenebris to check out what I've been up to of late.

Another reason I haven't been active of late is that some little toe-rag stole our car a few weeks ago, so I've been unable to attend any of the club sessions in the last few weeks. After wrestling with the insurance company and getting little to no information from the Victoria Police (whose customer service, I suspect, is more geared towards the non-law abiding citizens of our community), we finally had the car written off and bought a replacement. You really don't know how much you rely on wheels until you don't have any!

To protect our precious new car we've installed this state-of-the-art, revolutionary anti-theft system. It's worked well so far....


  1. I personally would go for the Würtemberger, simply because I love their uniforms!

    The thing about the car sucks. Happened to me once. I really hated riding the train for two months in the heat of summer. Worst part was that it was found the weekend before it would have been gone for two months the insurance company would have had to pay. It had been parked right infront of a police station the whole time and police only took an interest after one of the neighbours complained that it had been parked on his favourite spot for weeks without being moved. After the lead detective saw that the thief had hit something near the rear axle, he had the smart idea, that I had only reported it stolen to claim the insurance. Talk about bad customer service!

    1. My story isn't nearly as bad as yours! And to be accused by the cops of stealing your own car? That really is the cherry on top!

  2. I would go for Wurtemberg too! Love the anti theft system!!

  3. Finish off His Britannic Forces of Great Britian Sir

  4. Another vote for Wurtemberg. BTW, I had been remiss to have known about your other site. Just joined Dean

  5. I am also for the wurtembergers and their nice helmets!

  6. A shame some idiot stole your car. I hope they'll catch him. Had a great laugh about the Trunk Monkey though... have to get one myself :-)

  7. Decisions, decisions! Always partial to red coat myself. Sorry to hear about the car, but trunk monkey made me laugh out loud!

  8. Its a tough call - either Wurttemburgers or Italians - the former have the edge for me and in 20mm and/or plastic you have plenty of choice for figures. I hate dealing with insurance companies when you're the victim - they often seem to forget that as you try and get them to cough up! Don't forget to buy that monkey too.

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