Friday, September 27, 2013

The Home Straight - Another French Infantry Battalion: Same but Different?

My painting output has slowed, just as I begin to reach the final few battalions of infantry! I blame the change in seasons (though with spring we're getting more daylight; go figure...), work becoming busier and a last hurrah for winter lurgies (hack, coff...).

Anyway, this battalion has been a long time coming, and for once isn't based on my favoured HaT 8095 set. This time I've used the HaT 8146 set with head mods using the recently arrived spare heads by Franznap, which don't really suit the chunky 8095 figures, but work perfectly with the finer sculpting of the later HaT output. There are a couple of heads using the old and historically inaccurate Italeri 6002 set of which I've inherited a boxful and are handy for spare parts.

They've come out quite shiny under the flash, but they're not that glossy in real life, I assure you!


  1. Very nice. The bonnet de police look particularly good, I must say.

    As for another French battalion? You can never have too many. I looked over my French army recently and began to think I could end up like those poor souls on those hoarder programmes.

  2. Good looking unit...some beautiful poses!

  3. Nice unit. Funny how the painting output never measures expectations!

  4. A very colourful party! Do will they fight well?
    P.S. Autumn has arrived here.... it is a cloudy and rainy sunday :-(

  5. They have come up really well Ben. Top stuff!


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