Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Foot Dragoons

Here's a little taster of the foot dragoons I've had knocking around for the past year or so courtesy of a swap with Ben of Victorious Secret fame. It's been rather busy at Chez Rosbif and I haven't had much hobby time, but I've at least had time to highlight and base these chaps. Some still need patching where the paint has chipped off, including a couple in the photos below

The photos were hurriedly taken last night and these are the pick of the bunch. There are more, but my photography skills late at night weren't the best.

I have plans to use them in the sea landing scenario which may have to be postponed til after the piratical silliness at the club is over as I have study deadlines and family commitments for the next few weeks.

(Apologies; I didn't realise how dusty they were until viewing them in close up!)

Pick of the bunch IMHO!
He'll stand in as a horse-holder as his nonchalant stance isn't belligerent enough for a frontline role. Now I just have to find enough non-charging horses for him to hold! 
Dragoon priming the pan, clad in infantry overpants.


  1. Hello Brother R,

    Ha! Finally! I was about to say when you are going to paint them! They turn out great! This set is perhaps one of the better set from Strelet. I'm glad you enjoy it my friend~

    Warm regard from Texas,


  2. Very very impressive work on these guys Rosbif.

  3. Very nice painting on these, the officer with the coat is magnificent.

  4. Great painting on these, but the sculpts are also seriously impressive too.

  5. I like the face on the first one especially.

  6. Very nice Rosbif,
    That 1st fellow is a cracking pose.

  7. Very nice and great poses as well.


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