Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello 2012!

We're back after a week and a bit in Sydney where the Rosbif family spent Christmas with relatives and saw in the New Year watching the fireworks on Coogee beach. In between we went to the Harry Potter exhibition with the rest of Sydney, spent a lot of time at the beach and went sight-seeing.

I had tentatively tried to organise a meeting with Dux Alanus of Homunculorum fame, but realised it was just not possible with all the things we'd planned and promised the kids we'd do. Ah well; next time!

Anyway, I got a bit of wargaming/blogging loot in the stocking this year; a camera tripod, book and some terrain from Mum; the next book in the Goldsworthy series with some cash from my Father-in-law; and lastly an engraved pocket knife from Mrs. Rosbif. How is this wargaming/blogging related, I hear you ask? Check out the photos below!

Also included are the finshed command stands. I need to get cracking tomorrow to get the last artillery stands finshed, but with the 40o + weather we've been having down here, I'll be racing to get them finished before the weekend! Cooler weather forecast from this evening onwards, thank God!

PS. It looks like the Italians have just squeaked in as the readers' choice for the La Bricole paintng contest. Thanks to you all who voted! I'll get cracking with them after the Wagram weekend coming up.

Eugene and friends "It's over there!"

Zvezda grenadier presenting arms, the rest Italeri with converted ADC.

Cavalry general wearing Italian colours; red, white and green!

"Do you understand, soldier?"
"Sir, yes sir!"

Head conversion of Italeri general with HaT voltiguer.

"What are we looking at again?"

General Severoli and Guard Dragoon offiicer

General is a Waterloo 1815 Nassau officer with Italeri head conversion

"Right-o, sir!"

Waterloo 1815 general with charging Zvezda Chasseur

Now my pictures should be a mite clearer!

Mrs. R's Christmas surprise!


  1. How delightful on all counts but the Christmas present is a particularly nice touch! A splendid start to the year Sir!

  2. Great stuff all around! :) All the best to you and your family in 2012.


  3. Wonderful conversions Rosbif. The knife is a very nice idea too. Happy New Year.

  4. Great looking figures an great pressies too!!

  5. Well done Mme Rosbif with the pocket knife. Happy new year to you & the Rosbifettes (rosette-bifs?) look forward to hearing more about Sydney xx la soeur

  6. Welcome back young Biffi boy. Missed your little blog over the festive season. Now on with the game you scallywag. Huzzah!!!


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