Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Ides of March

My head has just stopped spinning! In the best traditions of the Roman Senate, or (more appropriately for this blog) the Terror of the French Revolution, the ruling Australian Labor Party has fallen on it's leader of less than 3 years and torn him down in less than 24 hours to replace him with Australia's first female PM. This is also the first time a leader has been brought down by his own party before the end of his first term in office.

Not only that, Australia has been sent packing from the World Cup even though it won its last game against Serbia.

So far not a great day in the field of Australian politics or sport!

Back to the really important stuff; I'm in the middle of reading 'Salamanca 1812' by Rory Muir (which I'll review in due course) and realised that if I'm making a British Peninsula brigade, at least 2 battalions should be of Portuguese line and/or cacadores. So, I've put in for an order with SHQ for a couple of battalions' worth of geezers, as Quinny calls them. That'll make a change in painting red coats, white cross-belts, red coats, white crossbelts....

That said, I've nearly finished my last line battalion for the moment and am about to start on my rifles. I also have dead Brits to do as well. As you can see, I'm spoiled for choice!

A friend once said he was told by a wise old man (well, a trader at a convention) "If you've finished collecting and you don't have a pile of unpainted figures, then you're probably dead" By that standard, I'm going to live forever!

Almost completed 50th Foot. The light-bob to go, then dipping and basing left.

My next project; Revell's rifles, 95th and 5/60th

Lancier Bleu dead British (post 1812 uniforms, but who cares?)

The campaign continues this week with our new subject, Pete, continuing his effort to repulse the invasion from the west, while elsewhere other nations come to blows. Meanwhile the culprit who has been conducting piratical operations in disguise still has not been exposed!

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