Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello World!

Welcome to my blog!

After viewing all the wonderful blogs out there dedicated to wargaming in general and Napoleonics in particular, I felt that it was my duty to start ANOTHER blog dedicated to the subject. I doubt I'll ever get to the standards of Roly Hermans or DocSmith (2 of my favourite bloggers), but I felt that I should give it a go!

As you may have guessed from the title, my interest lies in the Peninsula theatre of the Napoleonic Wars, in particular, but also the whole 1805-15 period in general. And so I have created a generic French army in 20mm plastic, mainly Hat, Italeri and Zvezda for Friday evening and Saturday afternoon club games. I also have some metal ring-ins, but due to scale problems, I haven't a lot, only one unit of cuirassiers. I am now creating a British army from HaT's brilliant Peninsula infantry pack, but due to a dearth of decent Highlander figures and the lack of colour bearers, I have bitten the bullet and bought more lead after discovering the range of 20mm lead figures put out by Kennington.

One of the main reasons I chose plastic 20mm was the affordability, but as most other members of the club I belong to are retiring their 25mm armies and replacing them with 28mm figures, I sometimes feel like my chaps are a tad on the undernourished side! Since I started this hobby 2 years ago, there has been a steady release of plastic 28mm figures which I have decided to forgo because I already have a mountain of unpainted plastic and a steadily growing one of lead, and I don't think Mrs. Rosbif would be too impressed if she realised I was starting again from scratch!

I love the research and the painting as much as the gaming (which after 2 years I'm still not the best at). With the collection at work, and access to academic collections throughout Australia, I'm pretty lucky. However that usually entails a large pile of books sitting unread on my bedside table as I slowly plod through my latest. I find this interweb thingy a mine of information too, and intend to put links to useful sites here on this blog.

I'll be putting up pictures of my completed units, my home made terrain, works in progress, both figures and terrain, as well as pictures of my weekly games. I'll also give a progress report on books I'm reading at the moment as well as list the books I want to read in the future.

Please feel free to comment with suggestions/criticisms and queries.

"Eh, Jean! Deed you 'ear somezing in ze woods?"

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