Sunday, December 23, 2012

Launching Cold Steel v.8! (fanfare please......)

...thank you!
Ahem...Is this thing on?... (tap, tap)

I'm proud to share with you all our latest iteration of the Nunawding Wargames Association's Napoleonic wargaming rules, Cold Steel! Click the link below or under the header for the detailed rules and the charts for the play mechanics.

The rules are a labour of love for the club with these being the 8th version of the rules so far. This time, a small group of us (Tim, John R., Robin, Quinny and myself) got together to review the rules which I had been asked to transform into clearer English, on the strength of my writing skills as evidenced by this blog!

Once I'd completed the rewrite, which took a while due to something called real life getting in the way, it was off to Robin to let him work his magic on the formatting and presentation of the document. Every club should have a professional printer in their membership, I say! I think you'll all agree that he's done a bang-up job with the lay-out and the little explanatory diagrams!

The link below is to read-only pdf files in my Google Drive library, so if you feel like printing them off and giving our rules a go, feel more than free! I don't claim that these are the be-all-and-end-all of Napoleonic rules, but for us they are a happy medium between detail and playability. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but if you're interested, give them a go and we'd be thrilled to get some feed-back, positive or negative (but preferably positive!).

Cold Steel Rules & Charts


  1. Printed off for inspection!!! They do look very professional!

  2. They look incredibly well developed; possibly a little advanced for me at the moment, but I shall be downloading nonetheless - thank you.

  3. Thanks for uploading these for us all to try. It is always good to look over other rule sets, particularly by those who have tried to improve the playability of Empire. Version 7 was well put together, but these look superb and really professional. Congratulations!

  4. The rules look interesting - (while I realize the system phasing is in your main rules) I only see one problem is that your turn sequences - phasing is missing from your cheat sheets - Also 8 pages of cheet sheets seems a bit excessive (dating back to Empire by Scott Bowden days - Otherwise they look interesting especially the different classes of light horse artillery and the differentiation between what prolonge is for artillery versus bricole - Excellent ideas as well as artillery reactions when being charged.

  5. Can you tell me how many figures you usually mount on a base for Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery for Cold Steel (v8)? Also, can you tell me whether this rules set works well for smaller battles? I am a fan of games with roughly a division on each side (with some Cavalry and artillery attached).

    1. Hi Capt. Nolan,

      Our rules work on a scale of 1:60, ie. 1 figure represents 60 men. Infantry figures have a base width of 12mm for continental forces and 16mm for British armies, 25mm for cavalry and 25mm per 2 guns for artillery. More details on page 2 of the rules.

      Our weekend club games are generally fought between players commanding a division each of roughly 1500 points, which usually consist of a balanced combined arms force each. These games can last 3 or 4 hours at a time and usually result in a highly entertaining game!

    2. So how many figures per base, 3 inf, 2 cav, 1 gun? 12 figures per infantry battalion? 8 Cavalry per regiment?
      Thank you for the response. Johnny, I would be honored if you would please visit my blog at:

    3. Hi again Capt. Nolan,

      Send me an email via the contact me widget under my profile in the right hand column. We can continue the conversation in more detail.


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