Thursday, December 13, 2012

Choices, Choices...What to Paint Next?

I have picked up the gauntlet thrown down by Curt over at Analogue Hobbies and entered his 3rd Annual Painting Challenge! In an innovation on past challenges, Curt's asked all competitors to estimate how many points they expect to accomplish as a goal to reach or exceed, so that everyone has a goal, rather than just all the kudos going to the highest achiever (not looking at anyone, Ray!). There have already been a few ambitious targets set by other participants!

As this is my first entry in the challenge and the fact that painting in the antipodean summer can be challenging, to say the least, I have nominated the modest total of 660 points. I aim to knock off the Soviets Jim gave me to paint around this time last year(!), the majority of infantry and artillery I'll need for the Borodino project (and possibly the cavalry, too, though the Bavarian Chevaux Leger are still proving difficult to source. I think I may have found a solution, but it'll probably have to wait til after the challenge is finished). Also, I intend to kickstart my Late Antiquity project with a few more stand of Roman and Germanic infantry, cavalry and command stands, if time permits.

Jim's Soviet's will be a priority!

There'll be plenty of these for Borodino...

...and another battalion of these painted as Velites of the Guard... 

...and more of these for Legere and Conscripts of the Guard.

The metal Schilling Figuren French infantry in Bardin uniforms will get a look-in, too, now that If got the elite figures as well.
(image from Schilling Figuren website)

These will be painted up as the Italian Rgt. Regina...

...and some of these will appear as Italian artillery.

If I can squeeze them in, I'll also crack on with my Late Antiquity project (and be able to update my other blog, too!). All these will feature if I can find time in between my Soviet and Napoleonic priorities.

Roman foot command
(image from Newline Designs website)

Roman infantry
(image from Newline Designs website)

And what are these? One of these will be  the entry price for  participation....But which one?
Stay tuned....
(image from Eureka website)


  1. I like the look of all that, will keep a close eye on the blog and throw encouragement your way if needed.
    Peace James
    Exiles Painting

  2. Replies
    1. My Late Roman blog "Romani in Tenebris";

    2. ...or see the link under the header of this blog!

  3. That is a good schwack of stuf and a laudable points target, Monsieur! Paint can be applied in 8 days...

  4. Bonne Chance Monsieur le Rosbif, qui est une bonne cible

  5. Thanks all!

    I've stared gluing on backpacks and priming my metal Schilling French infantry, ready to be first cabs off the rank, so stay tuned...

  6. That little lot will keep you out of mischief; and us in viewing great posts on your blog!


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