Saturday, December 8, 2012

Смерть фашистам!

Another artillery base/vignette completed for Jim's Soviet forces in the world's slowest painting commission!

Again, the figures and gun are Plastic Soldier Company.


  1. Nice work on the gun. I like the basing- very effective.

    You tempt me to get back to work on my own Soviet horde. They do make a nice change from all the Napoleonic lace and frippery!

    PSC's releases are first class. I see an order for their T-70's and 76.2mm artillery on the horizon for myself sometime in the new year.

  2. I almost bought these for my previous battalion projects, I decided on the Zvezda small set instead. They're looking good.

  3. Great work there Rosbif, well painted and a great base.


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