Scenario 1.

Spanish Supply Scenario

As Sander expressed interest in my scenario I've cut and pasted the text I used for the game. I couldn't work out how to upload a PDF file, so this is the next best thing, sorry!

First is the mission statements I handed out to the players:

French foraging party & escort 

  • Returning from foraging mission in the vicinity of your garrison. You must get the supplies through at all costs, or the viability of the garrison will be threatened. You know that the British are in the area and that the Spanish regulars and guerrillas are lurking in the vicinity, waiting their opportunity to strike. All impediments MUST be overcome to get the supplies through!

French garrison and artillery
  • Artillery position commands the approaches to the bridge. The battery is dug in, so can’t operate as a mobile unit, but is restricted to the emplacement in front of the bridge.
  • The 2 battalions of infantry are conscript battalions of dubious morale that are there to hold the town against the local population who chafe under the French yoke. 

British reconnaissance force
  • The British reconnaissance force is tasked to observe the garrison and the bridge it protects to gain intelligence for a future action to secure the bridge. The British commander is a typical cavalryman more suited to riding to hounds than commanding an independent detachment. He will take any opportunity to have a crack at the Frenchies, eh what?

Spanish forces
  • The local commander of the Spanish regulars has been inundated with refugees from the latest French ‘foraging’ (read: pillaging, looting, raping) expedition who demand he do something. He sees an opportunity for glory in dispatching this band of latter-day Visigoths without sharing it with his superiors. Anyway, even if he did inform them and request reinforcements, by the time they arrived the opportunity would have passed. He has informed the local guerrilla chief, who considers it his job to bleed the locals and that the French are cramping his style, and who has promised to make an appearance at some stage to join in the fun. The Spanish commander has been on the receiving end of too many drubbings at the hands of the French, so has resolved to use cunning and daring to lure the French into a trap… 

Second is the conditions I wrote for our club rules Cold Steel, but I'm sure that they can be adapted to whatever rules system you favour.

  • Livestock move at 2” per function, 6” per turn.
  • At least one infantry figure needs to be in base-to-base contact with the supply column, or the animals will wander off in a random direction determined by d6 = 1 north, 2 east, 3 south, 4 west, 5-6 roll again.
  • If melee/firing takes place within 3” of column, animals will flee 12” away from combat.
  • Woods are medium density.
  • Line battalions in woods may lie down to avoid detection 3”+ from enemy, and spring up to deliver volley at half effect.
  • Vedettes and infantry in skirmish order can detect hidden troop formations and relay information within 12”(cav)/9”(inf)
Special rules and MissionsBritish:
  • The aim is to scout the defences of the garrison and the bridge crossing. See if there is any other way of getting across the river besides the bridge. Any French forces found outside the town are to be prevented from rejoining the garrison in order to make the job of taking the town easier for the main body of British forces following in the distance.
  • The escort is to get the supplies to the garrison without losing them. Any forces in the way must be dispersed so that the supplies get through.
  • The garrison must ensure that the escort is able to bring the supplies in. It also must protect the bridge and keep the population quiet. Half a battalion is required to occupy at least one BUA otherwise the citizens will rise up and bar the gates against the French.
  • The regular forces must prevent the French getting the supplies to the garrison. They can set ambushes as they please amongst the woods and rocks on the edge of the road.
  • If the French weaken the garrison to less than a battalion, the citizens of the town will seize an unoccupied BUA and resist all attempts at reclaiming it. They will resist at the morale level of elite (as long as they are in the BUA, otherwise will have morale of militia in the open), but have a melee factor of militia. They will shower roof tiles and boiling water and oil on the Godless French and pepper them with shot from hidden shotguns and blunderbusses

Troop ratings and numbers were as follows:

  • The French in the garrison Conscript morale, those in the escort column Regular with one battalion Veteran. All cavalry were rated as per our rules.
  • The Spanish infantry were all Conscript except the 2 light infantry battalions rated as Regular. 
  • The British light infantry were rated Elite and the Cacadores as Veteran.
  • The French supply column comprised 4 infantry battalion, 1 regt of dragoons and 1 of Chasseurs.
  • The Spanish ambush party consisted of 6 infantry battalions and 1 cavalry regt.
  • The British contingent consisted of 1 British battalion of Light Infantry, 1 of Portuguese Cacadores and 1 regt of Light Dragoons
  • The French garrison consisted of 2 battalions of infantry. (This should probably be increased to at least 4 btns)
  • The artillery was a battery of 6 x 6lbers in a revetment that provided medium cover. The individual guns are able to direct fire on separate targets if required.
Of course these ratings can be adjusted as to your rules of choice.
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