Thursday, April 12, 2012

Westphalian WIP #4

Here's a sample of my Westphalians ready for basing. They're looking tired and weary after marching across Prussia, The Duchy of Warsaw and western Lithuania; their pristine white uniforms are now decidedly shabby!

Thanks all who responded to my flag query, as well. It was a great help!

Colour bearer using Napflags version of the 1810 Line infantry colours. Finial spear-point made from tiny slice of fridge magnet; and cords from plastic coated wire tie, with most of the plastic trimmed off.
He'll get an extra dry brushing of white as befits his status as an Offizier.

The folds of the sleeves really stand out on this chap.

I've added a dry-brushed layer of muddy brown on the lower legs, as well as the shading, to add extra grime! 


  1. Very nice, I like the weathered, campaign look too.

  2. Very nice indeed, that's a great weathered look you've used.

  3. A very nice work, the muddy-brown is excellent!

  4. Too much weathered? It was a ver rainy winter!

  5. I love the flag and the campaign look to your troops.

  6. Look like old campaigners, and a nice flag. Good work!


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