Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Everyone's a Winner, Baby!

Well, I can't speak for you, but I certainly am; A winner, that is!

After trying to rid the image of shirtless, bald, kilt-wearing, St. Andrew's Saltire draped weirdos from your mind's eye, I'll tell you the reason behind this slice of Celtic kookiness: I won a PRIZE!!

Tamsin over at Wargaming Girl had a prize draw to celebrate her mumblety-mumbleth birthday (a gentleman doesn't ask a lady her age, though I notice it didn't stop some!). One of the prizes on offer was Tales from the Rifle Brigade by Kincaid, which I couldn't go past, of course, so I put my hand up to go into the draw. The draw was duly drawn and I came up trumps!

Thanks Tamsin!


  1. now thats a cool prize, let us know what its like.

  2. Well done that man, I was hoping that would be finding its way to my house!!!

  3. Come on Ray. You already won a book ;)

    And congrats Rosbif. Tamsin was very generous

  4. Congrats there mate, enjoy the read

  5. A splendid result all round; well done that man.

  6. Congratulations... a great historical book!


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