Friday, January 16, 2015

Holiday Update

Here's another Waterloo teaser!

Sorry for leaving you on a cliff-hanger with my Waterloo appetiser! I've been a bit lax in following up as we've just been on a week's break up in Yackandandah. 

"Yackin'-where?" I here you ask. Well, it's just to the west of Tangambalanga, south of Baranduda and north of Mt.Tawonga! Actually, it's up in the North-East of Victoria in the foothills of the Victorian Alps, in the old Ovens Valley goldfields. Very picture-skew (or picturesque) and relaxing with the rolling hills, vineyards and orchards all around and so many historical gold-rush townships and buildings (mid-19th C = historical in Australia!) to visit.

Anyway, back to Waterloo 2015; I shall write up a proper batrep with a LOT more pictures and description, but let me share with you an anecdote and a couple of pictures which really summed up my weekend.

Amongst my command were the infamous Cumberland Hussars, a Hanoverian cavalry unit comprising of wealthy dandies who really felt that this war business cut into their time better spent chatting up the ladies. In the real battle they were kept in the rear, but bottled it once the French started lobbing artillery projectiles over the Mont St. Jean ridge, and high-tailed it to Brussels and beyond screaming "The French are coming!". 

In our game they had special rules. To whit, if they were given an order a roll of the d10 determined their action; on an even roll they obeyed, an odd they stood still and on a 0 they fled screaming for the rear. After the Duke waved his hat for the general advance, I tempted fate by ordering them forward along with all the other cavalry. With baited breath, I rolled the die...

...and this was the result

So you can see that this was not my finest hour and that as an indication of my success, it was lucky that the Anglo-Allies were as successful as they were. Indeed, you could say they succeeded in spite of me!

My Analogue Hobbies Challenge progress has suffered, too. My last entry was a couple of weeks ago and I still haven't posted them on my blog! So here they are; The Württemberg Jäger-Regiment zu Pferd Nr. 3 Herzog Louis, using my favoured 1/72nd HaT figures, and a 28mm Gripping Beast Welsh Warlord from my Christmas haul of a 4 point Welsh Warband for SAGA.

The cavalry officer has a plume made from tissue paper and white glue, just to make him a little more obvious from the other ranks.

I'm not overly happy with the results after varnishing the Welsh Warlord. The varnish is getting a little thick and I feel I ruined the cape, even though I tried to salvage it with a bit of dry brushing. Still, not the result I was hoping for.

I'm happy with the free hand shield, though. Sticking with his Romanesque leather muscled cuirass, officer's belt and Spangenhelm, I gave him a Roman style Christian motif for the shield. Also, as the Welsh warlord is allowed thrown missile weapons, I gave him a javelin and a hand axe. The pose is a curious one, but I felt he was winding up to throw his javelin under-arm like a plumbata. He had no sword or scabbard, so I glued on a spare plastic one from my Anglo-Saxons.


  1. What roll, I think the technical term is 'bummer'! :)

  2. The Welsh guy would have to stand for a command figure, and as such aloof from the close order brawls. The pose looks rather awkward to use within a close order formation. But the figure itself looks rather good. No doubt its flaws are obvious to you, but they are not apparent to me in the photo.

  3. That's quite a teaser on the Waterloo game!


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