Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Painting Challenge Prep

For once I'm being a little more methodical in my preparation for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge; I'm actually preparing the figures I'm going to paint ahead of time! The last couple of years I've still had quite a lot of units still to paint in preparation for our big January game; too many for my small and messy workspace!

This time I'm just painting for myself without the looming deadline of the first weekend after the New Year spurring me to finish the last few brigades. I've given myself the target of 400 points to complete and below will be the first few units to be undercoated before the off in 10 days' time.

1 of 2 HaT Wurttemberg artillery batteries

HaT Wurttemberg Jager zu Pferd

Zvezda French Cuirassiers

Curt was encouraging the issuing of challenges between entrants, so as one of two challenge participants painting in The One True Scale, I've challenged the other to a race to reach 200 points! Sander, I hope you've got your running shoes on! (Truly, without the pressure of a deadline, I reckon I'll not be painting at anything like the rate I was last year...)


  1. Very organised Sir! I find that having prepped the various miniatures, I have to put them away in a box behind where I work and only bring them out one batch at a time. This way I stand a chance of actually finishing something before I'm distracted by the next big thing.

  2. Such organisation! Hard enough getting me to prep one fig, let alone entire regiments!

  3. Preparation is key. I think 400 points may be a low estimate for your production, though.

  4. I too have decided to be more organized this year. I've spent the last week prepping, greenstuffing and priming figures. I know it will make the challenge much easier, but it still makes for one boring week ;-)

  5. Dear Sir, I never wear running shoes I always prefer regular army boots who keep me steady but do not allow for great speed... I frankly do not care much who wins but accepted the challenge because it's good old fashioned gentlemanly fun and with such a great adversary I have already won another great experience; so May The Best Men Enjoy Painting Figures ;-)

    1. "May The Best Men Enjoy Painting Figures ;-)"

      Well said, sir!


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