Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jón Fearhrýðer"s Saga Begins!

Here's the long awaited reinforcement for my Anglo-Saxon SAGA warband!

I'd initially made too few warriors and mixed the wrong kind of troops in the levy, so I've painted more thegns and hearthguard and a couple more slingers as well as some archers. the archers are metal Eureka figures with arrows and bowstrings added. I just couldn't come at having a figure painted as I like them, without having that last little detail added. The arrows are cut down spears from 1/72nd spears and the strings are plastic broom bristles.

I had the chance to blood them this weekend, but as the kids are up with Grand-mère Rosbif, I'll be spending it with Mrs. R. trying to remember what we used to do before we had kids!

More thegns





  1. Nice Anglo-Saxons! The archers look good with the drawn bow strings and arrows. Looking forward to the release of Crescent and Cross, apparently it is at the printers now.

  2. Great work, love the archers too...

  3. Very nice work! The Anglo-Saxons can field some pretty big numbers in a viable force, so I'll bet these reinforcements will see plenty of action. Cheers, Paul :-)

  4. Very nice paintwork! Pictures such as these keep pushing me towards taking up another period for gaming!


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