Sunday, June 29, 2014

2nd Division Progress - 39th Foot

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A long time between posts! Real life has been a bugger lately and there's not been much time for hobby-related stuff, or, indeed, blogging.

I've been chipping away at my British Peninsular War project, this time painting up the 39th Foot using the long-awaited, finally released Emhar British Infantry set. And a corker they are, too! The detail is a lot finer than what I'm used to with HaT, more reminiscent of Italeri. Although there isn't the loss of detail Italeri is prone to suffer in more animaterd poses. Speaking of animation, these figures are rather "athletic" in some of their poses, but not ridiculously so as Esci and Italeri are prone to. The detail is very difficult to follow if you don't pay close attention, but the results certainly pay off if you do.

My one gripe is that there are no elite figures represented in the set. I had to make a couple of paint conversions to create the shoulder wings on a grenadier and light-bob figure each.

I added the flag bearers from the HaT British Infantry Command set to add the requisite vexillogical colour. It's so much easier and more convenient to have purpose-made figures than to faff around converting or using metals which aren't really that compatible. These ones have finials and even cords! Very swish! I still have to tidy up the edges of the flags which are still a little ragged. As always, I've used the generic British infantry flags form Warflag. I haven't had the time or inclination to try to add the proper numbering, but one day I might update all my British flags.

Next (and last!) is the 'Die-Hards', the fighting 57th Foot!

Box image courtesy PSR

Regiment in line

...and in column

Gallant officer

Firing and advancing figures

HaT flag bearers

Cords flying and flags flapping!

Animated reloading figures. The figure ramming the charge comes with a separate arm, which neatly solves the problem of moulding an intricate pose. The figure on the right looks like he's pulling the pin on a grenade with his teeth!

PS. The 39th followed their Napoleonic service with a stint in the Antipodes from 1825, serving in New South Wales, Van Diemen's Land and the Swan River Colony, after which they headed for India in 1832.


  1. A very fine looking unit. Great work!

  2. Great looking British - I like the combination of facings and white trousers.

  3. Marvellous job of these Ben. They should have got yours for the cover photo on the box! I have a set of these on the way, so am even more interested having seen yours.

  4. Some fine painting Sir, love the pose of the Officer.

  5. I like those models and your painted results are terrific!


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