Monday, December 16, 2013

Borodino Battlefield Update

Mon Empereur, Robin, visited Tim's place last weekend to help put the finishing touches on the battlefield with a few other chaps from the club. With crazy pre-Christmas commitments, I wasn't able to help with the final battlefield preparations, but I'm sure you'll agree Tim and the others have done a bang-up job! These are photos Robin took and then labelled, giving his commanders a preview of their deployment areas for pre-battle familiarisation.

The bits of paper pinned to the board in various spots indicate the starting points of the various troop deployments. Only the church (MASSIVELY out of scale!) at Borodino is on the board in theses photos; the buildings will be added along with the troops just before the start. The church will remain as it is until the town is entered by troops, when it will be replaced by a less spectacular block in the correct scale.

The bottom of the battlefield, viewed from the south-west corner

The view north from the south-west corner

The centre of the battlefield, looking north
The centre, looking south
The north, looking  east-south-east; my deployment area!

On another note, I've bolted from the gate with some more Bavarian cavalry in my first entry for the 4th Annual Analogue Hobbies Challenge. I'm hoping to have them finished and based, ready to send pictures to Curt for display by mid-week!


  1. Wow! That's a massive board! Beautiful terrain.

  2. A beautiful battlefield and some great details!

  3. Excellent! - how big is this table? - do you need Plastic Man to reach the centre?

    1/72 buildings with 1/72 figures look the business for dioramas, but the ground scale is always a problem - I have got used to using 15mm buildings with 20/25mm figures - it looks OK, I think.

    Brilliant job, anyway - congrats.

    1. Thanks Foy, old chap! I'll pass on the congrats.

      They're modular tables on castors, so once the action has passed a certain point, the tables can be wheeled out of the way so the centre can be accessed. I can't remember the exact dimensions, but this is the biggest battlefield built so far. It's something like 22' long and 8' wide.

      We also use 15mm buildings with our 25-28mm figures. One building is used to represent a block, or grouping of buildings rather than one literal building, ie an area of houses, sheds, barns, public buildings etc. etc., all of which can be occupied, fortified and defended.

  4. This is looking absolutely great! Should make for one hell of a good looking game!

  5. Wow! Impressive battlefield. I like the photos showing the lay of the land before troop deployment. Now awaiting battlefield photos with troops!


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