Thursday, December 26, 2013

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Entries 2 & 3

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas day however and wherever you spent it.

We traveled to my in-laws for morning tea over in the outer-eastern suburbs, then turned around and drove to my sister's place in the inner western suburbs for lunch! After traversing the city, I've decided that when I become Benevolent Dictator, families will have to live within a 2km radius of each other during Christmas. Any other time of the year they can live as far as they want, but they must live within walking distance on Christmas day! Besides the driving we had a great day with family and lots of yummy food.

Anyway, back on topic now. Below are the last couple of entries for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge: another regimental gun and gunner, and the last Italian chasseur unit, the 2nd Chasseurs to be precise. These two have popped me into 17th place as I write. Out of 61 entrants I'm up the front of the pack!

Again, the gun is a 15mm Eureka metal Austrian 6 pounder masquerading as a captured Austrian 3 pounder. The gunner is from HaT's early French artillery with head mod. The chasseurs are again Italeri French Light Cavalry with head mods, riding the horse from the Italeri Hussar set.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my last Bavarian cavalry regiment, then it's just a few more artillery bases and I'll be done!


  1. They look terrific, especially the chasseurs. I've always admired your style with blending colours, and it really shines on the horses. I shall follow your progress with the Challenge with great interest.
    Glad to hear that you and yours had a happy Christmas, best for the new year.

  2. Really great job on these. The kind of post that just makes you want to get rid of the visitors and get down to some painting...alas, the gentlemanly side must win out...

  3. G'day Bifo,
    They look the Ducks Guts!


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