Sunday, October 13, 2013

Palouse Wargaming Journal -1st Birthday Great Giveaway!

Jonathan looking très élégant
Jonathan Freitag over at the Palouse Wargaming Journal is celebrating his blog's 1st anniversary with a book giveaway - dashed decent of him, I say! Many happy returns, Jonathon, and may there be many more.

It's an excellent blog with a wide range of historical figures on display. I must (shamefully) admit to not visiting more often and hope to remedy that in the future!

He has a range of books on offer, mainly devoted to the Napoleonic and ECW periods, but also one on the ACW and one on general military history. If none of the books grabs your fancy, he's also open to negotiation for a sample from his lead mountain!

Please visit his blog, become a follower (if you're not already) and sign up for the giveaway, or just revel in his wargaming adventures!

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  1. Thats very good of you to bring to our attention this blog.


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