Saturday, March 16, 2013

Figure Review - FranzNap Miniatures

I've been in awe of Francesco Messori's ability to convert and sculpt figures for a while now, so when he announced he was going to start producing his own figures, I waited impatiently for the day when his figures would be available for purchase. The day finally came and recently I was very pleased to purchase some his French Cheavaux-Leger Lancers.

They're the first resin figures I've bought though I will probably wait to buy more in metal when he starts production in that medium, but as an introductory offer to subscribers to his newsletter, I couldn't go past the 10% discount offer. They may not last as wargaming figures, especially the delicate lances, but we'll see.

As to the look, Francesco achieves a very realistic look to his figures, reminiscent of Italeri at its finest. He tends to go for the poses neglected by most manufacturers; that is less active, more relaxed, stationery poses that lend themselves well to dioramas in particular.

They come in very professional looking plastic packaging, padded with cotton wool. All figures arrived here in Australia safely from the Netherlands with no breakages or other damage from the trip.

At 37 ($AU 46.50) for the 2 packs, including postage (then another 5 after a postage miscalculation!), they aren't exactly cheap, but I didn't let that stop me just to get my hands on these lovely figures. I would have to think hard again as to whether I needed any more before I bought more. I hope that he can eventually bring down the price, but I understand he's running a business and needs to cover his costs. The sculpting and production values are such that I reckon you're paying for what you get, ie. a very high quality figure. Once he starts production of his metal versions, I think it will be even harder to say no! 

He is also producing ranges that aren't catered for by other 1/72nd manufacturers, like Neapolitan troops, Sailors of the French Guard, Austrian hussars etc. He is also planning on bringing out heads for conversions, which I always like, so I'm sure I'll buy some of those, too.

If, like me, you're a 1/72nd Napoleonic figure wargamer/collector, you could do a lot worse than get yourself some of these figures. Don't be put off by the cost, because once you get them I'm sure you'll be impressed and believe that every penny spent is well worth it!

See more at his website

Command set

Command figures with alternative saddles and arms

Troopers set

Figures and separate arms for alternative poses.


  1. I have obtained precisely the same sets and I totally agree with your review!

  2. I had the pleasure to see the first tryouts of these figures at FIGZ last year, some good figures full of details and a must have for every Napoliontic colector. Good review and hope to see the results painted here soon!

  3. Thanks Ben! Like you I have been eying these for sometime, so it is great to see your photos and to read your objective review. I reckon they could be just the ticket for a few 'special' units or individual characters.

  4. The look superb Rosbif, Once the metal sets start appearing you an retire the resin to a nice display case as a limited edition

  5. Judging by the photos they look identical to the very best sculpts from Italeri, especially the horses. Lovely figures but the price makes your eyes water a bit.

  6. Thank you for the nice review Ros! They're out off this world beautiful. Almost makes me want to start a small elusive 1/72 collection.


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