Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Challenge Entry #8 - Italian Horse Artillery Battery - Completed!

Here it is, finally completed!

"But wait", I hear you cry, "Didn't you have 4 figures converted and painted?"

*Shuffles uncomfortably, mumbles* "Well, I was hoping you wouldn't notice, wasn't I?"

Yes, there is still another battery of Italian horse guns to go, but it is stuck on the production line and may not make it in time for the end of the Challenge in a fortnight's time.

Real life is a bugger and keeps getting in the way. I have only made it to 2 club meetings this year and the weather has been uncomfortably hot, and now study is back on the agenda, so painting time is limited even more.

Once the weather cools down, I think it'll be much easier to squeeze in a half hour here and there, but after getting Petite Rosbif #2 to bed, doing the dishes and making lunches for the next day (which has been neglected of late; must pick my game up!), I can't be arsed doing anything besides flopping on the couch and either watching a bit of telly or skimming a couple of pages of the latest fiction I'm reading (quelle horreur!) before I stumble to bed.


  1. Bravo Sir, the smoking portfire is a particularly nice touch and the dark was on the gun works a treat.

  2. They look a treat Ben. A fine military modelling and wargaming piece in one!

  3. Nice work Rosbif. The smoking fire is indeed a great touch.

  4. Wonderful work, I like it!

  5. Beautiful job mate. Well done to put that together with the sodding heat we've been having AND all the domestic chores that tend to wait for no man! (Especially the figure-painting ones!) Some really nice touches like the smoke - justa looksa-like sheesa goin' to go BANG eh?

    ;-) Cheers,


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