Friday, May 18, 2012

What next?

After the heart-break of my dragoons, I need to find another project (I can't look at them now; they make me too sad. {Sobs!}).

I'll tackle the remainder of Jim's Soviets in the mean time, but what should I do for my own project?

These are the projects I have on the go, or planning to start:
  • More Italians, line and light infantry?
  • More Westphalians, line and light infantry, hussars and cuirrassiers?
  • Wurttemberger infantry and artillery?
  • More British & Portuguese infantry for my c1813 2nd Corps?
  • Zvezda French cuirassiers?
  • More Royal Marines and naval landing party?
  • Strelets Egyptian campaign British and French infantry?
  • Or, completely out of left field, Romans and Goths?
Suggestions welcome, but I reserve the right to change my mind from the resulting consensus! ;-)

I also need to get cracking on my medal mystery, too. Next stop to see if my in-laws over in the Old Dart can make their way to the IWM and National Archives!

All of this probably won't happen until I finish the last 2 papers for this semester, of course :(


  1. I love your Nappies, so I'd go with either Italians or Westphalians.

    cheers Sander

  2. Yes, something Naspoleonic.

  3. Geez Bif, you've got a mighty short list! An old wargamer once told me that the day you run out of things to paint, you die! So keep up the good work.


  4. Treb, the first 6 are the ones I've got immediately to hand! I've got plenty more besides that I'd love to do one day, don't you worry, mate!

  5. I'd love to see you doing the Royal Marines and naval landing party or the Strelets Egyptian campaign British and French infantry. That way I may resist the temptation to have a go myself!

  6. I'd go for the Royal Marines and naval landing party too!!!

  7. Gotta be Napoleonics. Can you do those Strelets Egyptian campaign figures? I'd like to see them painted, but won't be getting to them myself for some time!
    A thought and perhaps consolation on the loss of the dragoons. You have the pics. We have all seen them, and can look at them again, thanks to your posts, so they are not lost completely and actually 'live' on.
    Stiff upper lip!

    1. I think you should re-do the British dragoons - rescue what you can, and do new figures for the rest - you'll feel much better afterwards. MSF

  8. I'd go for the Royal Marine and naval landing party. Hornblower is such a great series and it would be wrong not to do them.

  9. Royal Marines and a shore party. Hornblower anyone?

  10. Wurttemburgers are my choosing!

  11. "Go to Left field!" says the guy with not a single gunpowder era mini.

  12. I'd do the Z. currassier. They're pretty enough to qualify as therapy.


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