Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Project, New Period

I bought Strelet's new Egyptian Campaign British Line set with the vague thought of using as Royal Marines (even though I've got HaT's Marines and sailors set!), but now I feel like buying all the other sets in this range including British Light, French Line and Light as well as Mameluke cavalry to build up both sides of the 1800 British invasion of Egypt. Strelets also have British and French artillery in the pipeline.

I've been reading Macksey's history of the campaign with all the familiar names of the future Peninsular War getting an early taste of battling the French. Review to follow once I finish it, but in the meantime, here's the first British Line figure from the set. They're on the chunky side, but not much different from the HaT French figures I have. I quite like them!

I am still moving steadily along with the dragoons and the Spaniards and will carry on with Jim's Soviets, too, so I don't know when this project will be completed.


  1. It's a tough one. I quite like the Strelets style, but I need a new period like I need a hole in the head.

    Well, maybe just one box.

  2. Very nice! I've always fancied this period, if only to paint up the French unit that wore a purple coat, can't think which regt it was???

  3. Don't look bad at all those Strelets figures!

    Good work!


  4. Very nice work - interesting figures Strelets. I've just bought Herold's 'Bonaparte in Egypt' which has inspired me to collect the period all over again but alas, as Conrad says, need it like a hole in the head. Still, made a start with three French Camel Corps (only 85 more to go and I'll have the lot that marched with him to Acre!) Great but sadly neglected period - full of great 'what-ifs' too!


  5. Nice painting Ben. I reallly like the "chunky" style of the Strelets figures, they paint up really well and you have done a great job; as usual.

  6. Huh. From what I've seen at PSR, the strelets stuff left me a little cold, but these look good. How do you find the figures?

    1. Strelets is strange: really ugly unpainted, but not too bad painted up. As James says, they paint up well. Also, the poses are all useful for wargaming. I wouldn't bother with their cavalry, though.

  7. I fell into collecting troops for the campaigns in Egypt and the Holy Lands a few years ago. Fascinating stuff! My French, in the Kleber uniform, look like a circus moving across the table. Mix in the Ottomans and British and you have a VERY colorful collection. Keep going with it!


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