Sunday, March 25, 2012

Westphalian WIP

Here's the rest of a 12 figure battalion of Westphalian infantry using the bodies from Italeri set 6066 French Infantry and the heads for HaT set 8219 French Chasseurs (marching).

The Italeri set are part of a swap deal I made with Dan over at Gunner's Wargaming a while back, while the chasseurs are a set I've had for a while that have been sitting in the plastic mountain gathering dust. I have not used many of all 3 sets of HaT's chasseurs as I am pretty well set for French infantry. As I'm now branching out to French allies, maybe they'll make an appearance as a foreign regiment like Italian light infantry, or the Regimént Prusse.

In the meantime, one sprue have made the ultimate sacrifice to provide their heads for this battalion of German allies.

The full battalion

Command figures. Colour bearer's moulded plastic flag removed and replaced with piano wire for upper staff. Flag will come from Napflags website 

Firing line figures


  1. Nice conversions, I am curious to what the finished product will look like! I might steal your idea of turning those HäT legere's into the Etranger Regiments! I already have one unit painted as the Isembourg regiment so why not?

    Cheers Sander

  2. You always seem to make it look so straightforward! Certainly looking forward to seeing these advance.

  3. So you own a myriad of French Allies!


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