Monday, March 12, 2012

2 ° Reggimento Fanteria - WIP

Nearing the end of the process with these chaps. In fact, they received their baptism last Friday and survived without getting walloped (more on that anon), although I hadn't quite put the final touches on them.

The wash and varnish has been applied, but at this stage they hadn't been based or given the final matt varnishing. I've also tried my hand at highlighting around the folds in the fabric eg., around the legs and arms in particular. The flag was still to be applied to the eagle pole and truth be told, they are still a little shiny, so another layer of matt varnish is still to be applied.


  1. They're a credit to you. I hope their next battlefield outing goes well.

  2. Great looking stuff! Don't you experience a white-paint-allergy by now? I know I had when I was done doing the Italian Job...

    Cheers Sander

    1. Obviously not, Sander, as I'm thinking about starting a Westphalian project soon!

  3. One more time, some great Italians, specialy the grenadier!

  4. Splendid, splendid! Just the right amount of dip and wonderfully dynamic poses. Top work Sir!

  5. Nice looking figures, bet they look nice altogether with their flag!!


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